19th July 2019 Newsletter

Dear all

I can not believe we are now at the last day of the 2018/19 academic year– the time has just flown by. We have had a very successful year. We were top of the Medway Primary School Performance tables for our Key stage 2 results which is wonderful. Obviously the tables are not compiled yet  for 2019 as assessments are just provisional but I am confident that we will do well this year too as our results are even higher than the 2018 ones! We attained the Primary Science Quality Mark due to the quality and coverage of the science we deliver, we have also attained the Art Mark at silver level, this is an accolade that many schools are striving to attain so to already have it and be aiming now for Gold is great for the school– it shows that we are striving to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum at St Michael’s. We are still working on this aspect and the curriculum will be an aspect of our School Improvement plan for the 2019/20 year which will be posted on the website once complete.

We say goodbye to a few teachers this year. Miss Ahern, Miss King and Miss Leybourne who are moving on to pastures new after many years of service here at St Michael’s, we wish them well. We say hello again to Mrs Morgan who has come back to us and a fresh hello to Mr Donnellan. Miss Thompson is getting married over the summer but is keeping her maiden name on a professional basis. We wish her and her future husband well for that.

This is always a day in any primary school tinged with some sadness as we say good bye to our Year 6 children– primary school has a lasting memory for all of us and it should be a lovely memory full of great experiences and happiness. I hope our current Y6 leave St Michael’s with lasting good memories and carry on to reach their full potential in their learning journey– please keep them in your prayers.

I will be keeping all of our school community, staff, children and families in my prayers so that everyone has a lovely, relaxing and safe summer ready to return to the new chapters on all our learning journeys in September.     

Mrs K Sexton 


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