2nd November 2018 Newsletter

Dear All,

I’ve just returned from mass for All Saints Day. The mass was lovely, the singing great and the children were very well behaved. Well done everyone. We are now in November, where is the time going? Today is All Souls Day when we remember those close to us who have died and pray that they will enter Heaven. November is the month of Remembrance when we remember the dead especially those who have died in wars and conflicts around the world. We will be having special Remembrance Assemblies for our war dead  around 11th November.

This week we found out that the school has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) at Gilt level. This is great news and is a real achievement to be awarded this at Gilt for the first time. We can hold the award for 3 years and is a testament to all the exciting work we do in science, the marvellous work of the children and teachers but also the excellent organisation of Miss Ahern as our science lead for collating all the evidence and leading us all forward– Well done!!

We had our new indoor PE equipment installed over the holidays. This means that we can do some advanced gymnastic work at different height levels during indoor PE lessons. We all had training delivered by our link at Greenacre Sports Partnership so we are all ready to get started. 

As you know we have an amazing Forest School here ably led by Mrs Champ. Its really important that children come to Forest School with boots and sensible clothing especially now that it is a bit colder and darker. The children absolutely love going out to the forest, its really important that they feel comfortable– remember there is no such thing as unsuitable weather– just unsuitable clothing!!

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend and KEEP SAFE

Mrs Sexton


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