7th September 2018 Newsletter

Dear All,

Happy New Year! Welcome to our new children in Early Years and in nursery. We also have some children who have joined us in other classes as well so welcome to you all. The uniform code has been really well adhered to and everyone looks so smart– new shoes and blisters on ankles aside!

As last year we will be having our housekeeping meetings following on with our open mornings for each class and year group. Having listened to  contributions made by parents at our last Parent Forum meeting, it was suggested that these dates were shared with parents with more notice so that arrangements can be made to encourage fuller attendance. This is especially so for the open mornings which is a brilliant opportunity for you to come in and sit with your child and share the classroom experience. Children love it when their parents are with them and it’s a shame to let this chance go. A letter with all the dates of housekeeping meetings and open mornings has already gone out on the first day back but they are reported again at the back of this newsletter as an extra reminder.

We are also going to change our arrangements for parent consultation meetings, just on a trial basis for this term. Instead of teachers meeting parents in a single long parent evening, we have decided to have a parent consultation day instead for each year group at the end of this term. The dates for those are also on the back of the newsletter– the usual electronic system for making appointments will be available shortly but we just wanted to let you know which days have been set aside for each year group well in advance. More details of how these parent consultation meetings are to be arranged will be issued nearer the time.

There are lots of dates overleaf so please do read carefully and put them in your diaries, phone etc.

Enjoy the weekend– I think we all need it!

Mrs Kathy Sexton



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