7th December 2018 Newsletter

Dear All,

Christmas is here at St Michael’s and will continue until the end of term. Of course we know that it is actually Advent when we are waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus but Christmas is always such a lovely time for children and is always so special in a primary school.

This week we had our beautiful nativity performed by the children in Y1 and Y2. It was AMAZING– the children sang and acted so fantastically, the costumes were great, the scenery was colourful and the dancing and acting…. well so professional. I can honestly say that the nativity for 2018 is probably one of the best that I have seen– and when you get to my age– you’ve seen quite a few!! Well done to all involved especially the staff who worked so hard to put it all together and of course to the children as well who were absolute stars!!!

Our Y3 children sang at Rochester Cathedral yesterday along with some of the other local primary schools in Medway, they were a credit to St Michael’s, they behaved and sang brilliantly. It was also great to have so many parents there supporting– singing carols in such a beautiful cathedral as Rochester makes everyone feel so Christmassy.

Next week we have the nativity for the nursery and Reception children which is always delightful, we have the trip to Central Theatre on Thursday 13th December to see the Pantomime and Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day on Friday 14th December. All of these dates are on page 2 of the newsletter.

As promised last week the winner of the Christmas card competition is

Layla Rance in Y6. We had nearly 50 entries!!! We will display Layla’s card on the front desk of the school as well as sending it out to other schools.

I’ll see you all at the Christmas Fair after school today   

Mrs K Sexton


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