1st March 2019 Newsletter

Dear All,                                         

Happy St David’s Day

I trust we all had a lovely February break. The weather was glorious– a real touch of Spring. Spring reminds me of the coming of Lent which begins on 6th March Ash Wednesday next week. The whole school community will be going to mass and receiving their ashes that morning and we will be doing further work in school including raising money for CAFOD as our alms giving in this special season

I am aware that there has been lots of publicity regarding a computer game and App that seems to be discussed in social media at the moment. These games do pop up from time to time. I have no doubt some other game will be in vogue soon but if we are vigilant with what are children are doing online, not just on tablets and home computers but on their mobile phones, discuss openly about their online activity and know what to do if we think our child has seen or witnessed anything that might disturb them; then we will all be equipped to safeguard our children from harm both at school and more importantly at home. A letter is accompanying today’s newsletter with some advice on this.

We will soon be coming up to our parent consultation days. The dates have been published for some time now. However there are still quite a few appointments to be filled. All one has to do is log on to www.schoolinterviews.co.uk and then put in the admin log in code 853dv. If there are any problems just pop in or call the office and one of the team will help you.

Book week next week– the theme is myths and legends, a letter is going home today with more details.

And finally– excellent football result, we won our first match of the football league 5:2– well done lads!!!

Mrs Kathy Sexton



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