15th June 2018 Newsletter

Dear all,

Lots to talk about– where to start?

I attended the First Holy Communions last weekend for our children. They were beautiful, the children were so well behaved, so smart and so prayerful. Well done to them, their parents and Mrs Stanczyk.

Thank you so much for all the support parents and children have given us in trying to get back to making healthy food choices. The staff have all noticed the heathier food and snack choices that the children are making with lots more fruit and other alternatives. Baked crisps are fine but fried crisps should only be eaten on Fridays as a compromise.  We haven’t seen any sweets or chocolate either!

Thank you so much for supporting us in this returned emphasis on being healthy and cutting down on sugar. Please remember the infant children all have fruit anyway for snack  freely provided and the healthy snack shop is available for the juniors every Thursday at break time.

The Steele girls are all volunteering to have their lovely hair cut for the Little Princess Trust which provides real hair wigs for those children suffering with hair loss. This is being carried out at next weeks Friday assembly. A Just Giving page has been set up for donations which would be really gratefully received. It is www.justgiving.com/fundraising/makingwigs. Please support the family in this worthy cause.

Our end of year trips will be taking place this term beginning with Year 3 who are all off to the Harry Potter Studios today. They have funded this themselves through various entrepreneurial activities and have raised the magic total of £1615.00. This is amazing– well done to them and their families who have supported them through sponsored skips, purchasing recipe books etc. There are other amazing trips in store such as seeing the Lion King in the West End and a Y1 trip to Legoland

Still on the entrepreneurial activities– year 6 are having a sleep over tonight in school for raising funds to their theatre trip= Good luck to them and to all the staff who are kindly looking after them all night!!!

Kathy Sexton


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