25th January 2019 Newsletter

Dear All,

We have had the first of our “Come and see… how we write” sessions with parents joining their children in class in YR, Y4, Y6 and Y5. We are really encouraged by the parents who attend these sessions. This time we have asked parents to complete feed back forms for us so that we can improve if needed. The feedback has however been very favourable and positive such as “ I now know how to help my child at home” a reply from a Y6 parent. Or another reply from a Y4 parent “ good to be in the classroom and see what the day is like” Some parents have asked to see examples of good work in books so that they can make a judgement  of the best standard which is an excellent idea, others would like more information on the website. Some parents have also asked for more homework. There is the “Dip and Do” homework on your child’s class website page as well as the expected reading, spellings and tables work but if you require extra please do mention this to your child’s teacher and they will only be too glad to oblige.

Next week we have parent open mornings for year 1, year 2 year 3 and nursery- all are very welcome.

We had an excellent turn out of parents to our meeting led by SENDIAs who popped in to support and give tips to our parents of children with special needs. The turnout was overwhelming– thank you so much.

We took part in another athletics competition as a member of the Greenacre Sports Partnership– this time it was indoor athletics for years 3 and 4. The results aren’t released yet but it looks like we definitely came in the top 10. I would like to thank the children for their hard work and to Miss Green who accompanied and supported the children both this week and last week at the event.

We’ve had some lovely work completed this week. Little scientists in YR and bread making (Viking style) in year 6!! Photos on page 2!

Have a lovely weekend          Mrs Kathy Sexton


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