Collective Worship – The Epiphany 10.1.20

In year five we started our new year by talking about The Epiphany. The children decided they would like to begin by reflecting on an image of The Nativity and discussing what it means to them and how it makes them feel.

They then chose to explore the Gospel reading Matthew 2:1-12. This led to a discussion about who Herod was and why he asked the wise men to feed back to him about Jesus.

After this to reflect on the importance that the wise men have in the story of Jesus Christ, the children decided that we should sing We Three Kings.

To finish off the children came up with a prayer that we all send together. We sent this forth to ask Jesus to continue to watch over us as he has done since His birth.

Dear God,

Thank you for sending our Lord the Saviour to protect and to watch over us.

Please guide us wherever we go and continue to look out for us always.




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