Collective worship St Luke’s Gospel 03.04.20

Today as part of World Book Week Year 4 have been exploring the gospel of St Luke. This explores the life of Jesus and all of the joyous events that happened in his life. We have been paying particular attention to Luke, Chapter 15 verses 1-8. This is the parable of the lost sheep which teaches us that even if we are lost from Jesus he will always look for us and we can always be forgiven if we repent our sins.

The children had a go at producing their own art work ab0ut this, choosing to represent Jesus as the shepherd and we the followers as his sheep.




They have also produced prayers about this message.

Dear Lord Jesus,

We are grateful for your guidance and forgiveness even when we sin. Please help guide us back to the right path and to your everlasting light. As you show us forgiveness when we repent our sins help us to follow your example and forgive others around us.



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